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I came to Yoga at an early age doing yoga with my parents as a preschooler and I returned to the practice as a teenager. Since then yoga has featured strongly in my life. I'm now a Senior Yoga teacher registered and insured with the Yoga Alliance UK.

Over the years I've attended many different schools and styles of Yoga and meditation. My Yoga practice became serious in my late twenties when I began to study Ashtanga Yoga, through early morning self practice with Ashtanga luminaries John and Lucy Scott and I refined and developed my Asana. During this time I took intensive classes and was invited to join the teacher training programme. I began teaching in January 2002. Since then I have taught private sessions and groups of people of many different abilities and ages, the youngest in baby yoga, and the oldest chair yoga participant so far was 102 years old! I am also qualified to teach and mentor other yoga teachers, attending my workshops gives you continual professional development points.

In 2008 I decided to retrain in the interests of including more people in the community. I continue to return to Bridget Woods Kramer for my studies in Anusara Yoga. This has been an inspiring experience and everyone can now participate fully. I have trained to teach children and also pregnancy classes and I have a lot of experience teaching yoga to seniors. 

I've achieved the level of Senior Yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance UK which is the highest qualification available in the profession. 

I have taken the Yoga therapy training which can be of great benefit to those recovering from injury or illness, and I'm committed to delivering Yoga for All!

From time to time carefully selected  colleagues will take the class, but be assured that all our offerings are highly professional and above all safe for you to participate in.


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Do Yoga classes all around Weston-super-Mare and also in Bristol.

If you have any health issues that might affect your participation please get in touch in advance. 


“Emma is a very talented, knowledgeable and experienced Yoga teacher

Dave Adler , Chartered physiotherapist at Portland Therapy Centre




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