If this is your first time to Yoga, congratulations, you’re about to feel so much better!

Book your place now, your six weeks for starters course begins in January, Wednesdays at 6.30pm, book now it’s time…

You have started on a journey which can only enhance your health and wellbeing. The benefits will soon start to show as your vitality and enjoyment of life increases. You will be changed by this practice, if you make Yoga part of your life.

Cost: It’s £8 to drop in, £5 concessions or many people choose to pay monthly by standing order which costs just £27. Pick up a leaflet about the monthly payment plan when you get to class.

Mats: Some equipment is provided, but you might decide to get your own mat eventually. There are also blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps to help you participate more fully.

When you get here: When you get to your Yoga class, please take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable on your mat. Sit cross legged if that works for you, using the blocks and blankets available to support you. Some people kneel, or chairs are available.

While you’re here: The Yoga class lasts approximately one hour. We'll start by sitting quietly and finding our centre. Then there will be some energising sun salutations, moving into some standing poses, some seated postures, then a slow cool down, lying down to gradually move into a place of deep relaxation. We usually conclude with an opportunity for meditation. This is a chance to explore different techniques for stilling the mind drawn from many different cultures. Hopefully you'll find one which resonates for you that you can carry into your daily life.

Eat early or late:  Please come to your Yoga class with an empty stomach as we will be compressing the abdomen and engaging in some energising twists. Try and have a light meal no more than 2 -4 hours before the session, or arrange to eat after the practice. Let your teacher know if you have any injuries or ongoing health issues and she can tailor the practice to help you participate.. 

What to Wear: Wear yoga pants, shorts or leggings with a tee shirt or vest top. It helps if your clothes stretch with you so you can move freely. We will be barefoot throughout the practice.


Watch this before your first Yoga class..


Drop in sessions are £8, £5 concessions, or many people choose to pay monthly by standing order which costs just £27 for unlimited yoga at any venue!


Top Tips to get you started:

  • Be on time, 10 minutes early if you can

  • Switch off your phone!

  • Let the teacher know in advance if you have any health issues

  • Have an empty stomach, try not to eat for about 2 hours before the session, but don't be too hungry and thirsty that you can't concentrate!

  • Use the loo and have a drink before you start so as not to be distracted during the practice

  • Find a mat and take a comfortable seat cross legged, using the blocks and bolsters available to support you if you need to

  • Please participate at your own level. You're welcome to rest on your mat any time

  • Wear comfortable clothes, that won't ride up.

  • We will conclude the practice with with a short relaxation and a quiet meditation.

  • Please respect the silence



  • Don’t overdo it the first time, better to start off slowly and keep coming back.

  • It’s not a competition! Try not to judge yourself against others.

  • If you come once a week, you will start to notice the benefits after about 4 weeks, don’t give up!

  • Remember, if you Do Yoga every week it will change your body, Do Yoga twice a week it will change your mind, Do Yoga every day and it will change your life.



“Thank you Emma, wise, thoughtful, creative and playful all at once...just what anyone, experienced or novice really needs from a yoga teacher.”

Johnny de Mearns, Artist, Master Printmaker & Pyrocorpographer



If you’d like to find out more, please contact Emma Gliddon