Small groups and one to one sessions by arrangement £50.00 per hour, or £60 for groups of 6 or more.

This can be a great way to advance your practice and discuss individual issues which may get overlooked in a general class. Groups of friends, workmates or families might wish to make an arrangement to Do Yoga with people you know well. We can tailor the session to your individual needs and also offer therapeutic work which can alleviate many health issues.

Newly qualified teachers, advanced practitioners or teachers in training may benefit from a one-to-one to advance their practice. Mentoring and CPD available. Yoga in the workplace can raise morale and reduce sick days. Why not get in touch to see how one of our highly qualified teachers can help you? 

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga can be used as a therapy for many conditions including asthma, stress and low back pain. Do Yoga to build self esteem, confidence and mental resilience. In association with your medical practitioner, consider an individual Yoga Therapy session, also suitable for seniors, those with limited mobility or recovering from illness.

  • Strength and flexibility
  • Confidence and mental resilience
  • Resolve back pain and musculoskeletal issues
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Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga

The Holistic benefits of Yoga are well documented during pregnancy and gentle post natal exercise can be most beneficial for body and mind. If your midwife or GP agrees, Do Yoga to improve your health at this special time, and learn breathing and relaxation techniques to assist with the delivery and also the stresses of becoming a new parent.

  • Balance and breathing
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
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Yoga for Kids

Yoga can help all children with body awareness, self confidence and focus. The fun and frolics also includes an opportunity for them to try mindfulness and learn to breathe deeply. It may lower stress and anxiety levels and even lead to an improvement in behaviour! Your teacher is DSB checked to work with children.

  • Body awareness and self confidence
  • Focus and mindfulness
  • Peace and relaxation


I have been working with Emma on a 1-2-1 basis since the early part of this year and cannot begin to explain what a brilliant teacher she is. I leave every class feeling uplifted.

— Tamsyn, Weston-super-Mare




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